I made it to Panama!

I’ve been working on a post describing the trip from Bluefields Nicaragua to Bocas del Toro Panama but I just can’t seem to get the thing finished. In the meantime: I made it to Panama safe and sound, and am presently hanging about in Bocas del Toro doing a bit of sailing and waiting for the right situation to appear conducive to my replacing the entire deck on the main hull of Desesperado¬†which has decayed to the point that my foot goes through it all the time and the holds flood in rain or waves to an extent that is no longer bearable to me. I must also make some kind of alternative sail along the lines of a stoprm jib to render the boat safer in foul weather. Bocas del Toro is quite pleasant and safe enough if one ignores the odd robbery or rape, and the frequent rains are not a bother to me since Belgian Christian, a fine bloke, took pity on me and let me live aboard his unused and empty sailboat. So all is well. I am likely to be here for some weeks yet, after which the San Blas Islands and the Kuna indians beckon. And then I suppose Columbia. Will this ever end?