Survival, Arrival.

Just a quickie to let people know that I had a wonderful, magical trip to Belize’s outer atolls and then piled down the coast without touching land until Punta Gorda where I checked out of the country. Last night I arrived in Guatemala’s astonishingly beautiful Rio Dulce where I am attending a DIY anarchist sailing convention and also hope to make a new sail. Desesperado continues to amaze me with his performance. Right now I am rushed as usual but I will make a fuller report when the opportunity presents itself: I expect to be here for at least three weeks.


10 thoughts on “Survival, Arrival.

  1. Great to hear you had a god time at the outer atolls. Sounds marvelous, and I’m still envious. Have heard bad things about Guatemala and yachtsmen — but perhaps you won’t look like a Rico ripe for plunder.

    Do you have an address to which I could send you a new SPOT? We’d all feel much better if we could follow your adventure —- and get word about any badnesses that might happen.

    Keep up the good work and have fun!


  2. Forgot to ask; where are you exactly? Are you at the entrance to the Rio Dulce at one of the two towns, i.e., Livingston, or Buena Vista, or way up the river at the city of Rio Dulce?

    • Hi Nolan, sorry ançbout the delay. I got sick but I am back now, holed up and hauled out for repairs in the Rio Dulce Guatemala. I had an amazing time after last seeing you at Cay Caulker, will write a post soon with the story.
      Regards, love to you and Kate. Where are you?

  3. DIY anarchist sailing convention? Is that organised in your honour or did you just get lucky? Must be amazing after all those places where they had never seen a sailing boat. More please.. 🙂

  4. Greetings fellow blog followers, Crumpetina here. Please ignore last SPOT transmission from the U.S. – it was just me testing out his new device. Said device will be making it’s way to him shortly – he is, as of March 11, alive and well and in Guatemala. I trust we’ll be hearing more of his adventures soon…

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