I’m going in.

Ok, I have decided to carry on just a little further southwards, into Belize. I have been fleeced and cleared to leave Mexico by the authorities, leaving early tomorrow. I should reach San Pedro of the Madonna song, Ambergris Cay, Belize, later tomorrow or sometime the next day. Weather forecasts vary between 10  knot following winds which would be nice and 19 knot following winds which give me the willies.

I may have a slightly nervous disposition – by now you may have noticed that a lot of things give me the willies. Like reefs, shoals, winds, waves, weeds, thunderstorms, pirates… Belize gives me the willies too. If I may most egregiously generalize and stereotype, Belizeans are bigger, more aggressive, more aquisitive and less trustworthy than Mexicans by almost all accounts and my own past experience. But the place is a paradise of small sandy cays and atolls, blue-water bays protected by reefs and all that good stuff. So… I’m going in. I just love saying that.


8 thoughts on “I’m going in.

  1. Best of luck! My hope is that you will find the individual Belizeians (sp) as friendly and helpful as your average Mexican. There is that unpredictable and venal few percent in any country, though. Mostly concentrated in the political and law enforcement element, IME.

    Send us frequent and graphic updates on this blog, please!

  2. Don’t go in today. Just looked at the wind, and it looks like it is blowing like stink out of the north; not a comfortable point of sailing for Desperado, you have said. Tuck your head under your wing, have another beer, and wait until the weather improves.


  3. Great! You made it into San Pedro today! Must not have been blowing as hard as I thought, or the seas inside the lagoon were more manageable than out to sea.

    Anyway, congratulations! Let us know how venal the Port Authorities are in Belize, and how the beer compares.

  4. Good Show, Chris! Great inspiration! I remember Belizeans being super down to earth and personable, at least back in the ’80s. With Indians, Mayans, Caribs, Englishmen, Mennonites and Africans comprising about equal portions of the population, it’s a bonanza of hybrid vigor (speaking as a Canadian Scots Hungarian myself). You will have a great time. Caye Caulker was a great place to hang out. Bonus: Peter Weir shot the film version of Paul Theroux’s Mosquito Coast there. So you can add Allie Fox to your growing list of personas. The Mariner, Jack Sparrow, and Cuban refugees, indeed! Try the famous seaweed drink!

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