What was that all about?

The storm hit late last night, lots of lightning and rain and a howling wind that bent the palms over and strung out their hair like girls with their heads out of a car window, but there was little effect upon the buildings. It was dramatic enough for me to say that if this was just a tropical storm I am no longer sure I want to experience a real hurricane. The power went in and out and finally died for good and I fell asleep with my wet clothes strewn about the room. This morning I woke to an overcast sky with little wind and a flat sea, the ceiling fan turning again. Kind of a big fat nothing’ the whole deal.  There are some leaves and branches on the streets, some minor coconuttage, folks are unboarding their windows and getting back to normal though with little prospect of doing business until the tourists return. I sense relief but some slight disappointment that all the preparatory work was wasted.

The forecast is still terrible, strong winds for a couple of days and continued rain and thunderstorms for a week; this is getting tiring. I may have to take off in the rain because I can’t live with this waiting much longer.


2 thoughts on “What was that all about?

  1. 1, 2, 3, 4, Lucky. (Count yourself)
    What about girls with crew cuts or boys with long hair?
    As frond as I am of a coconut analogy, your similes are slipping 😉
    I ban you from playing with hurricanes altogether – but enjoy
    the vegging out and good company while you can – I’m sure some good
    sailing weather will be along soon. Toodlepip old chap, tally ho. x

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