Finally, at Last, Hallelujah and Hooray.

     Well I had a bunch of delays but it is all coming together now and I should at last be setting off from Play Zapote, Veracruz, Mexico, heading southwards, on Sunday 3rd July 2011 about 11am, weather permitting. I am horrified by the amount of luggage that must be stuffed into the boat, I feel I shall be horribly overloaded but it all seems so essential, spare sails, clothes, tools, spare parts, food, water, tent, cordage, medical kit, cameras, GPS, satellite tracker, fishgear, flares, knives, mask and fins, anchor & rode… getting rid of any one object could be disasterous.

     I never heard of a boat journey that started on time or fully prepared, but I cannot screw around here for ever. Sadly we are now into rainy season, so whereas before I would have had favorable winds and no storms I must now fight my way directly against winds from the southeast, with frequent squalls and thunderstorms. So I do not expect my progress to be rapid. Also I am making no promises about how far I intend to go and I reserve the right to chicken out at any time. In my favor, at least it is warm here which is no small help to a person who expects to be wet pretty much continually.

    I have a few things aboard which are not essential: some small gifts such as pocket knives to reward kids who guard my boat for me, my fiddle which I can´t play worth a damn but how can I improve if I leave it behind? and the EASY button, which when pressed speaks ¨That was easy¨. I plan to press this at the end of each day, even if it was a hard one. This is as close as I get to positive thinking.

    Also at the end of each day and probably in the middle too, I plan to press the ok button on my satellite tracker, which will show you my location if you click this link:

I hope you find this interesting. I daresay I will.


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