Oh, things and stuff.

My apologies for those who arrived here via Wikiproa. Progress on my boat is halted until I can get back to Playa Zapote and release it from its chicken shed. I’m on my way to Hawaii on another senseless odyssey and also looking at the possibility of crewing in the meantime. For those wishing to contact me personally my email address is haregribbla@yahoo.com.


One thought on “Oh, things and stuff.

  1. What about the apologies for those who DIDN’T arrive via Wikiproa, or whatever cyber-spaced-outpost is flavour of the Gribbler month at the moment. Missing you Chris, want more posts. Now. If you are crewing will you receive emails? I suppose if I sent one I’d find that out, but it feels like loads more fun just haranguing you through the dark ether, like an eccentric bingler shouting at midnight snow on Speaker’s corner. Well, warmer than that, and less pigeons, but the simile of venting seems good (unless I catch the flue). Surely contacting you personally would involve running fingers through your flowing locks & pinching yer bum & that… what email client are you using? BTW sensible odysseys are spelt with an ‘H’ and are pronounces Holidays.. and surely those would be far too boring for the man I know as Dirk// Brad// I mean Chris erm – Happy Solstice Chris (or should that be ‘This Crappy Sham). I didn’t have an address – otherwise I’d have tried forwarding my normal (hahaha ironic) crimbo CD mix – but with you in mind: if you have access to bit torrent s/w, there are links on my webpage to download a copy, if you want to keep up with ‘2010 OddCD toons’. (with apologies to Arthur C Clarke) Take care matey, oodles of ship-shape, brissle fashion Lurve. xx BF

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