Oh, things and stuff.

My apologies for those who arrived here via Wikiproa. Progress on my boat is halted until I can get back to Playa Zapote and release it from its chicken shed. I’m on my way to Hawaii on another senseless odyssey and also looking at the possibility of crewing in the meantime. For those wishing to contact me personally my email address is haregribbla@yahoo.com.

Ok I’m done for now.

The stairs go nowhere, but nothing's perfect.

The interior is plain, open plan. Walls are now 10" thick, roof is 16" thick for decent insulation. The place is smaller, cosier, brighter and a real delight to live in.

I have yet to do the electrics, plumbing, insulation, drywall, trim, painting, flooring, sealing deck, stairs etc. etc. but I have had enough of slaving away alone in the forest. Now I am heading for a (possible) new job in Hawaii, and maybe after 6 months or so back to Mexico to at least finish off the boat if not actually sail it somewhere.