The frame is mostly done.

And the roof on the north side is raftered and sheathed. There is still some snow about but I can drive to the house, almost. Mud is a problem.

Lots of lovely timber. All the beams cut with my chainsaw.


A silly joint. Dad gave me some enormous chisels so this kind of thing is not so hard as I thought it would be.

This joint is the result of some ghastly compromises and it does not please me. I have an idea to make it more acceptable though.

Rafters are made from two planks screwed edge to edge, 16 inches deep for super insulation and ventilation. Everything so far is made from the timber from the old structure, some old stuff I had lying about and the beams I cut myself from the trees on the land. The remains of the old roof are seen below, at this point I was still using it to get around.