Give me back the mosquitos.

Thanks all for your feedback.
This must be brief. The allergy is now so bad that my skin is destroyed wherever whatever it is touches, and I am an itching mass of sores…over 200 in fact. I have flooded out the house in an effort to rid it of the dust which has come home on my clothes over the last year, and that has helped some, but the internet cafes terrify me. I think it may be something to do with the air conditioners in these places, mold spores? A new house would help but so far no luck there, except for some amusing experiences tracking down inebriated landlords. One particular landlord, I have learned through the gossip-vine, is truly evil…he waters down the ice cream he sells.
The boat is very nearly back together with raised decks, a new sail, and an experimental steering system. I should launch in a couple of days, when the next howling norte has passed. I am not looking forward to the long push to the beach, but the weather is perfect here and the water very inviting.

It is watermelon harvest time, but I shall not be participating this year, anything that delays my getting out of here gets a thumbs down. It’s a shame because working with the locals is a lot of fun even in the heat.

I have to go.


3 thoughts on “Give me back the mosquitos.

  1. Well, sorry Chris but I haven’t got your mosquitos mate. I shall keep this brief for the sake of your skin, Tombli says ‘bed-bugs’, btw 10 points for correctly identifying Cheggers – minus several thousand for subsequent credibility loss! Good luck with the next launch, keep off those watery sorbets & dodgy dilute ice lollies. Perhaps consider a cheap laptop – been thinking – by directly linking with a cable to a mobile ‘phone (as modem), surely you can avoid any need for wireless at all – depending on mobile / reception / network / charging facilities. El cheapo laptop at least would allow you to write at your leisure even if you had to plug it into the hairy, mouldering conditions of the net cafe to upload. Anyhow.. enough nerdy stuff – Slurp a vogon watermelon for me and the best of luck old bean – seeyou soon I hope. Keep those klingons to the starboard bow and the wind to your back.

  2. Best of luck to you. I hope the “Feel Better God’s” hear your cries and give you comfort! I so enjoy your postings …..

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