My blogging days may soon be over.

Months ago I started feeling uncomfortable in the internet cafe in Anton Lizardo. Not long after entering I would start to feel weird crawling sensations, mostly on my legs. After a couple of hours these progress to raised red welts which itch abominably, and I feel very tired and somehow soiled. Whatever is affecting me remains in my clothes even after a twenty-kilometer motorcycle ride, and I cannot wear the same garments again before washing them, without the same thing occuring. So I changed location, to Anton’s other cafe. Same thing. Then to Boca del Rio. Same thing. It is extremely unpleasant, more so now than it was. I now have to strip off (with lurid gyrations of course) and wash before entering the hovel and leave the clothes outside, or they bring the stuff in and it gets into my bed, as well as everywhere else.

What the hell is going on? Has anyone ever heard of anything like this? Can anything be done? Can it be that I am allergic to computers?

I am today in Veracruz in yet another internet cafe, same thing is starting already.

I have recently discovered that another thing that has been plaguing me mercilessly for the last year is chiggers. Europeans probably don’t know what these are; count yourselves fortunate, for they are far worse than mosquitos. At least now I know what they are and can avoid the grass where they live.

Soon I will be living in a bubble. Perhaps I can sail it somewhere.

[A year later, this allergy is still a mystery. It occurs in one friend’s house in the USA, but nowhere else]


6 thoughts on “Help!

  1. Blogstop no option I’m afraid. You may be a good sailor and keen boat builder but your writing is FAR too excellent to curtail. As keen as I am for you to avoid the itchy red welts and other abominable side effects, I for one would love to contribute to getting you a cheap laptop – which, apart from the inconvenience of burying and digging up to avoid the thieving; would allow you to sit outside the local internet cafe and wirelessly transmit your glorious prose, photos & vids. I really don’t know if this is practical – I’m sure somewhere close would have a wireless hotspot? I presume all the cafes are quite well used – so are likely warm hot-spots of evil breedingness I’m sure. Grrr. Can’t see that any electromagnetic field effects would leave a washable residue – more likely residue of adolescent browsing habits, if you get my rather indelicate drift (it was yer lurid gyrations that did it guvnor). Good luck in trying to find an alternative blog-spot. Perhaps even a Web-enabled ‘phone might actually perform enough to enable you to continue. Pretty please!

    Btw – the European equivalent to Chiggers is, of course, Cheggers who infested 80’s TV shows with his infectious maniacal laugh and annoyingly over enthusiastic bouts of prolongued hyper energy that got under the skin and caused severe irritation. Sorry non UK readers – that will make very little sense to you – or any UK residents who don’t remember multi coloured swap shop. Hello… anyone else here?

    Good luck with the airtight overalls option which I’m sure you’re considering. By dousing them in protective soakings of wheat grass juice 1st I reckon you’d get about 20 minutes until you reached broiling point.

    Sorry to make light of what sounds like an appalling situation, come back to Blighty – the weather’s… well miserable, but you knew that.
    Take care mate, hoping the season, the insects & the itchy rashes CHANGE soon – which is of course the only constant there is. 😛

    • Only you, Mr. Froog, would remember Cheggers and have the indecency to remind him to consciousnesses which had long ago managed to forget and move on, though some damage never completely heals. Yes, I remember the Swap-Shop. I think his name is Keith Chegwin. Why do I need that in my head, it’s a waste of storage space.
      I don’t think I could face the locals whilst wearing some sort of crazy suit. No wireless hotspots here except maybe Veracruz hotel parking lots. I’m thinking carrier pigeons.
      I have to go now before my skin turns to soup.

  2. Wish I could help! Why don’t you just move the boat to some other place — sail it into Boca, for instance. Rent a garage near the beach and an internet link, finish the boat in some comfort, and/or just give it up and come back to civilization and those who love you? Nobody will think less of you for changing direction.


    • I am looking for a new house though anything near the beach is at Paris prices. I will probably have to hold out where I am for the next month or more, which is ok as I am getting the allergy situation under control at home.
      I have SO much to write, and can’t.
      I will soon know if there is any chance at all of this loony boat sailing anywhere, and can make big decisions then.

  3. oh for crap’s sake, so sorry to hear this Chris – wish I had some helpful suggestions though other than DONT stop the blogging…

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